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Minky clothes airer

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For people who have large loads of clothes to be dried the minky clothes airer comes in handy as it has some of the largest drying spaces available in the many models of airers that are seen today. This Jumbo chrome three tier airer is one of the most popular models that are on the market toady. It can dry all types of laundry as it has extra wide rails. These rails help us to dry bigger pieces of clothing and sheets effortlessly. This airer is ideal for use in bathrooms as it can be easily installed over the bath. This installation mechanism also would save you space as you would not have to accommodate the airer in other rooms in your house.

wall mounted clothes airer

By moving the arms of the airer, the clothes can be dried or hung easily and this enables larger items of clothing to be dried faster. The clothes airers are ideal for use in cramped areas or even in studio apartments where space is at a premium. Most of the airers manufactured by Minky have the ease of use as a major design attribute as the USP of airers lies in the convenience factor. The stylish appearance of Minky airers makes them an attractive buy for every homemaker who can be free from the toil of drying the clothes frequently.

The minky clothes airer has many different models that are ideally suited for drying out small garments. Another line of Minky airers make use of the vertical drying design to suit the specific needs of their customers. The vertical drying mechanism can be used if you have access to a large open space near your home. This will allow the clothes to be aired by the natural wind that is available in the area at all times. The vertical design exposes most of the clothes to the wind so that the drying process is even and gives you the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

Most of the clothes airers from Minky can be mounted on a door or a wall, thus saving valuable space within your home. Strong clips are provided to mount these airers against the door or fix them to a wall. You can use the space saved for storing other household articles. When these airers are not in use they can be conveniently folded flat against the door or wall so that they do not affect the range of movements within the home. These airers also have a safe and robust locking system. This is absolutely essential to ensure that the airers do not fold up when loaded with clothes.

The minky clothes airer is built using the finest of materials and has the longest service life among all the airers that are available in the market today. The designers at Minky have regular interactions with the customers making it possible to bring out continuous improvements both in the design and functionality of the airers that are manufactured by the company.